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Set of handmade boho Necklace Curb Chain with front Antique Flower toggle clasp, Celestial Crystal Pearl, Human-Symbol Antique Charm, Swarovski Crystals and Gold-Plated Flower Rondels & handmade boho Bracelet Curb chain with lobster claw clasp, Swarovski Crystal and Human-Symbol Antique Charm.

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Handmade boho necklace combining a rainbow-colored with zebra print patterns curb chain and front antique flower toggle clasp, waterdrop-shaped celestial crystal pearl, antique human-being-symbol charm and metallic-blue swarovski crystals accentuated by gold-plated flower rondels.

Handmade boho bracelet consisted of a 7 ½” rainbow-colored with zebra print patterns curb chain ending in a lobster claw clasp, a metallic-blue swarovski crystal and an antique human-being-symbol charm, that complement the necklace.


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