Who is Efstathia Fragou

Greek artist with a restless creative spirit

About Efstathia

Efstathia Fragou is a Greek artist with a restless creative spirit. Her affection for the Arts always played a guiding role in her life and led her to creative paths. Her profession as a decorator satisfies that need for years, alongside with her admiration for precious stones inherited by her mineralogist grandfather, which cultivated a lifetime’s relation with them and eventually turned her in the hand making of unique jewels. In the past few years she has participated in many exhibitions in New York City with positive response, fuelling her to keep up with her artistic aspirations influenced from various cultural traditions.

Obviously, the ancient Greek civilization holds a great part of her inspiration and is greatly expressed in many of her creations. Nevertheless, the need for an item, that can be worn daily and give a sense of unique beauty in one’s appearance through its elegance, poses a high priority in the design and manufacturing process.

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