Kompoloi (Worry Beads)

Kompoloi is a string of beads manipulated with one or two hands similar in appearance to prayer beads, but bearing no religious purpose, originally used in Greek culture.

Mostly used to pass the time, it offers a unique opportunity for tension to be relieved, relaxing the nervous system and therefore both the physical body and mind. Additionally to its calming effects, it awakens our insight, strengthens our intuition and arouses our creative imagination, making its use a valuable ally in many intellectual operations that benefit from or require an open mind and the “clairvoyance” that comes with it.

Of course, it has been considered as a worry reliever trend throughout its existence earning the name “worry beads”. As such, it has been successfully used by people who smoke or have other unhealthy habits willing to substitute them.

Traditionally, it has been regarded as an amulet, to guard against bad luck; especially when bearing an “eye” and on the dependence of its materials. This could be associated with why it generally has an odd number of beads. Furthermore, it used to express a social prestige and was made from amber or silver beads allowing its owner to display it as a mark of power.

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